Pitch First 2021




This year, Pitch First will also provide workshops to help prepare participants with the knowledge and insight needed to excel in the competition and beyond. Not only for competition participants, the workshop will also be open to the public.

The workshop consists of 3 Sessions: BMC Session, Pitch Session, and the Sustainable Business Session.


The Pitch First Workshop will be held on September 18, 2021. The registration fee for the public is IDR 50,000, and the registration can be done here.



      1. BMC Session

Speaker: M.Setiawan Kusmulyono, M.M.

          In this session, the speaker will explain how to create a good Business Model Canvas, in the matter of the fundamentals, its importance, and its role in the business scene. During this session, the participants will actively fill the BMC, and some of the results will be reviewed by the session's speaker. The output that we are expecting is more than just filling in the BMC, but how to take the points and ideas from a BMC to help in delivering an impactful business pitch. 


       2. Pitch Session

Speaker: Fernando A. Hainim, SST.Par.,M.Par.

           In the Pitch Session, the speaker will explain everything needed to know about pitching in business. Starting from the introduction, the types of pitch, to the know-hows to delivering a successful pitch. This will also be an active session, where the participants will try to deliver a pitch and be reviewed by the session's speaker.


       3. Sustainable Business Session

Speaker: Douglas Kertapati

           In the last session, the speaker will give insights into building a sustainable business in the setting of the pandemic, including the opportunities and the obstacles that have arisen. After this session, we hope the participants will have the knowledge to overcome the challenges of establishing a business with a sustainable prospect that lasts even after the pandemic is over.